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How to get an Award from the Trust

Area of Benefit

The Pilton Green Man CIO will achieve its objectives by making small grants and/or loans available to community organisations, charities, groups and individuals to carry out projects which will benefit the people of Pilton.  The geographical area of Pilton covers the area approximately from the ND District Hospital to Pottington and from Bradiford to Raleigh and Yeo Vale but the Trust will also consider requests for projects related to Pilton which fall outside this geographical area. 

Money Available

The money available will always depend on the success of the annual Pilton Green Man events in July and other community events organised by the CIO to raise money.  In 2016 and 2017, Pilton Green Man Day was very wet and only broke even financially despite still being very popular. As a result of the good weather on Green Man Day 2018, a profit of nearly £3k was made to boost the funds available for awards.

How to apply for a grant or loan

The Trustees will usually meet four times a year to consider applications, which must be made using the standard Grant Application Form which can be found at the end of that link. The quarterly meeting dates and closing dates for the submission of applications will normally be published on this website or in Pilton Church Hall.

At the meeting on 26th July 2017 the Trustees awarded grants to three projects for a total of £2,744 although one application was subsequently withdrawn. In October 2018 the Trustees awarded a further two further grants totalling £400 and then a further £350 was awarded in December 2018. These three awards are described on the CIO Home page and on the CIO Current Projects page. 

Following a trustees' meeting on 26th June 2019, the next meeting will be in October 2019 when further grant applications can be considered. However, we are happy for you to come and discuss your ideas for charitable activities with us before that date. Informal discussions held with some of the Trustees initially are likely to help develop a project and smooth its path to successful funding.

All applications must clearly show a need which falls within the CIO's objects and set out clearly how the project will benefit the people of Pilton. To fulfil the requirements for a grant or loan you will have to clearly demonstrate the charitable purposes of you project and afterwards a short report (1 page) will be required to demonstrate the outcomes achieved, how the money was spent, repayment of any loan or profit made, the people who benefited and any lessons learnt. In particular cases a short presentation to the Trustees and/or to the community may be requested. This is essential for the trust to maintain its charitable status. We will also limit the number of awards possible for multiple applications by individuals for the same activity.

Future awards by the CIO will be made on the basis of being for a specific project and for a specific timescale. Significant changes to the scope and content of a project and the timescale within which it will be carried out will require a re-application.


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