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Pilton Green Man Day 2017

35th Anniversary of a Great Event

WelliesArrangements for Pilton Green Man Day are 'set fair'. Over the weekend of 14th, 15th and 16th July, Pilton will be enjoying the biggest village fête this side of the River Taw. In preparation, we would love you to decorate some wellies (like these or better) and put them outside your house to brighten up the place. And if you have a banner left over from earlier Green Man Days please hang it out of a window.

Then on Friday 14th July in Pilton Church Hall you could have a great evening solving a murder mystery, presented by the infamous Lord Basil's Reformers under the direction of Pip Cartmell.

Who killed the pop star

Stiltskin Green ManOn Green Man Day proper, Saturday 15th July, you can enjoy the usual offerings and more in Pilton Street, Rotary Gardens, Pilton Church Hall and Pilton Church, and the Parade from The Square in Barnstaple. The Pageant will be presented at the top of Rotary Gardens, rather than the grounds of Pilton House, at the usual times of 12 noon and 3pm. To read more about Green Man Day, click on 2017 Green Man Programme here or in the navigation bar. Residents of Pilton should be getting a copy delivered to every house in early July.

Finally, to round off a busy weekend, there will be a calm, unhurried walking, family Treasure Hunt on Sunday 16th starting at 2pm in the Church and finishing up with tea and cakes in the Church Hall.

Treasure Hunt

We hope you enjoy this year's events.


Pilton Green Man Day is now run by the Pilton Green Man CIO. For more information on this charitable trust which aims to benefit the people of Pilton directly, please follow the link above or in the sidebar.

And if you don't remember or missed it ...

... Pilton Green Man Day 2016 ...

... was a great success even though it rained a bit! The Parade

Despite the intermittent rain and occasional heavy shower, Green Man Day 2016 turned out to be as successful as last year's. The fantastic Green Man Parade (above) arrived in Pilton at 11.30am and processed up Pilton Street to Pilton House where Town Crier Tom Evans read the declaration from a newly-commissioned scroll. On the way it paused outside the shop of the late Albert Linacre, one of those who helped create the Day. There was a minute's applause in memory of Albert, Laurie Wedge, the Stiltskin Green Man, and Dave Butt who all passed away in the last year. New Stiltskin

The new Stiltskin Green Man, Matt Lemon (left), in a brilliant new costume funded by Councillors Mair Manuel, Brian Greenslade and Ian Roome and the Pilton Green Man Committee, made an appearance. We were particularly struck by the shoes - or are they actually his feet?

As last year, there were great stalls and activities, even more sorts of lovely food, brilliant music and singing, an emotional pageant, interesting exhibitions and displays, refreshing drinks and ice creams, great street entertainers, loads of young people and familes with small children and grandparents. It was a real family day out. Shame about the lack of a Sea King helicopter buzzing overhead in salute!

So a big thank you is due to everyone who helped and everyone who came and made it a great day. Especial thanks go to those who helped clear up and return Pilton Street and Rotary Gardens to quiet, tranquil places within an hour of the end. Brilliant stuff!

New Trust Created to Benefit Pilton

A new Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) has been created to bring wider benefits to the community of Pilton through the running of Pilton Green Man Day.  Known officially as the PILTON GREEN MAN CIO*, it is now registered with the Charity Commission (Registration Number 1170742) so that it can carry out its wider aims, officially designated as: 'to promote good citizenship for the public benefit by facilitating the development of a volunteer force to assist the community, in particular but not exclusively those members of the community who are in need and to advance such charitable purposes as the trustees see fit, in particular, but not limited to, the promotion of the arts and advancement of education in the history of Pilton, primarily but not exclusively, for the benefit of the people of the Pilton ward of Barnstaple, Devon and will be achieved through the making of grants or providing other support.’

Aladdin and the SlaveThe CIO will support wider community activities in Pilton using any profit coming from the annual Green Man Day. It has already supported the 2016 Pilton Panto 'Aladdin' and is doing the same for 'Dick Whittington' this year. It also supported The Pilton Story heritage project in 2016, to allow upgrade to the online archive with well over 600 items about the history of Pilton (see below).

The Pilton Story LogoThe CIO will also have access to monies from other grantmaking bodies to expand achievement of the community aims. Pilton individuals and community groups are invited to put in requests for funding for small projects which will meet the above charitable aims.  The application form, which sets out the terms and conditions to be met, is available on the Pilton Green Man website www.piltonfestival.co.uk

The eight trustees of the CIO are Richard Stevens (Chair), Marc Brayley (Treasurer), Susan O'Grady, Siobhan Roissetter, Warwick Neighbour, Liz Davies, Louise Thomas and Martin Haddrill. * CIO stands for Charitable Incorporated Organisation.


Pilton Green Man Day also supports

Pilton Cinema Header

Pilton Cinema is normally on the last Friday of every month in Pilton Church Hall starting at 7.45pm. Click on the banner above to see what films are coming up.



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