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Pilton Green Man Day 2016 is on Saturday 16th July.

If you would like to book a pitch, two sorts of application forms are available. Click on the navigation bar to the left for catering or non-catering stalls.

Pilton Loses a Gifted Community Leader

Dave ButtFriends, colleagues and former pupils were shocked to learn of the sudden death in mid-May of Dave Butt at the age of only 63.  Dave was a universally popular teacher and then Assistant Headteacher at Braunton Academy where he worked until 2010. He was a Barnstaple Town and then North Devon District Councillor and Deputy Leader, and a leading player in all types of Pilton community activities.  He also contributed enormously to the world of rugby in Devon, was Chairman of Devon RFU, and was closely involved in the recent World Cup organisation.  He was a huge supporter of the Barnstaple-based charity Amigos Worldwide, and worked as a volunteer for Children’s Hospice South West.  He was also made an Honorary Alderman of North Devon District Council last year.  Although he had stepped down from formal public duty in recent years, he was still very much involved in the North Devon theatres, museum and, of course, the Pilton Green Man Festival.

Enormous tributes were paid to Dave in the press and on social media as news of his death spread.  North Devon Gazette reporter Tony Gussin said: “He was a tireless worker for his community, always ready to champion a local cause or pour his efforts into charity work and he always had time for people".  Friend and former Council colleague Ian Roome said "David did so much in his life to help so many people. He brought many smiles and happiness to those who knew him".  Dave Sharratt, former Principal of what is now Braunton Academy, said, among many other points about Dave Butt's contribution to the school. "There will be many staff who have been nurtured, supported and advised by Dave.  He championed continuous professional development for all members of staff at Braunton School.  He was an immensely popular member of staff and he will be very sorely missed".

North Devon Councillor Brian Greenslade said "“Dave was universally popular and had a great gift of getting people to do things on a voluntary basis and using these skills he was able to achieve a lot and deliver for our community. In recent times this was very evident in terms of the leadership he gave to the now annual and very successful Pilton Festival".  “Dave was responsible for first setting up school visits to the charity’s projects in Uganda,” said Phil Pugsley of Amigos Worldwide, "and he helped to organise our fun days and was always on the end of the phone when you needed to know anything”.  Alana Marie Smith, director of fundraising at the Children's Hospice South West’s Little Bridge House said: “We are all devastated by the sad news of Dave’s death.  It’s hard to believe that only a few months ago he was pedalling on a seven-seater bike across the region for us".

Pilton will undoubtedly be a poorer place for the loss of Dave Butt.  Many people across the community will miss his support and contribution.  Among his Pilton legacies is a stronger Pilton Green Man Festival where his ability to bring people together and get things to happen has resulted in the growing involvement of the next generation of people willing to help the community come together effectively.  His will be difficult shoes to fill but he surely did much to inspire people to pick up where sadly he has left off.


New Trust Created to Benefit Pilton

A new Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) has been created to bring wider benefits to the community of Pilton through the running of Pilton Green Man Day every July.  Known officially as the PILTON GREEN MAN CIO, it is currently registering with the Charity Commission so that it can carry out its wider aims: 

“to encourage and advance the education of the public in the arts, crafts, heritage, civic responsibility and community welfare by promoting the annual cultural Pilton Green Man event, local productions of theatrical and other visual and performing arts, and help in the community, all for the benefit of the people of Pilton, Barnstaple.”

Aladdin and the SlaveThe CIO will support wider community activities in Pilton using any profit coming from the annual Green Man Day. It has already given financial assistance to the 2016 Pilton Panto 'Aladdin', to help re-establish this annual event in the Church Hall, and to The Pilton Story heritage project, to allow upgrade to the online archive after 4 years of operation. 

Once registered, the CIO will have The Pilton Story Logo access to grants to expand achievement of these aims. Pilton individuals and community groups are invited to put in requests for funding for small projects which will meet these aims.  Please contact us through this website. 


Laurie Wedge - the tall Green Man

Laurie wedgeLaurie Wedge, the Green Man on stilts who graced Pilton Festival for 15 years, has died, aged 63.

Many thousands of people saw and enjoyed Laurie's deep commitment to the Festival.
No-one could miss his giraffe-like walk through the crowd, ten-feet tall dressed in a spectacular plant and flower costume, sprinkling everyone he could with rose petals and offering them a green blessing.

"Pilton Festival, and the Green Man persona, was the highlight of his year," said his partner, Teresa Price. "It represented what he believed in. He'd spend a lot of time preparing for it, arranging his costume and collecting the rose petals. He really loved what he did on the day. It was about fertility and abundance."

Laurie came from London where he learned stiltwalking and other circus skills alongside Abi Falkner of South Molton, with whom he had two children, Robin, 15 and Elsa, 9.  Abi said: "He really was a very authentic and appropriate choice for the Green Man, as he loved nature, gardening and growing things. His long terraced house garden in Larkhall Lane (London) was absolutely bursting with plants, everything from a huge wild cherry tree to small bonsai trees in pots. Every window sill was chockablock with plants he had grown from seeds, lemon plants, passion flowers, pine cuttings and all sorts.  "The Green Man was the first costume he put together."

Laurie had been ill for a while but even when he was less able to go out and perform he had insisted on appearing at the Pilton Festival because of the friends he made and his kinship with the spirit of the occasion.

Richard Howe



2015 Green Man Day

A-mazing Day

What an A-mazing Day it was on Saturday 18th July 2015! Pilton Green Man Day did it again - with knobs on!!

Fantastic weather, great stalls and activities, all sorts of lovely food, brilliant music and singing, a big parade with hundreds of followers, an emotional pageant, interesting exhibitions and displays, refreshing drinks and ice creams, beautiful flowers, great street entertainers, loads of young people and familes with small children and grandparents, and even the Search & Rescue helicopter, sadly for the very last time. It was a real family day out with Rotary Gardens like a giant picnic and Pilton Street buzzing with stalls and music. And thanks to everyone who helped and everyone who came and made it a great day. Especial thanks go to those who helped clear up and return Pilton Street and Rotary Gardens to quiet, tranquil places.

Pilton Green Man Day also supports

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Pilton Cinema is on the last Friday of every month in Pilton Church Hall starting at 7.45pm. Visit the cinema website www.piltoncinema.org for more details.


The Pilton Story

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